Theoretical High Energy Physics and Instrumentation Research Group

General Information 

Research activities in the Theoretical High Energy Physics and Instrumentation (THEPI) division are grouped into two main streams of research; researches in theoretical aspects of fundamental physics, and researches in physical instrumentation.

The first research stream concentrates on theoretical high energy physics, the frontier of physics in understanding of fundamental nature. The topics considered by members of the group include, among others, Einstein general relativity and other models of gravity, quantum field and gauge theory, topological gauge theory, supersymmetry, supergravity, superstring and brane world as well as analytical and numerical studies in integrable and dynamical systems.

The second research stream weighs on the development of sensors and systems of intelligent instrumentation. This kind of research is very important in many aspects, including supporting research experiments in various research areas. The group develops general instrumentation and control, device sensors and characterization of new material for sensor, instrumentation based on image and signal processing, Internet of Things and also instrumentation for research and educational purposes.

All members of THEPI actively publish their research on international journals. The achievement is reflected in the SCOPUS H-index with the score of more than 5 at 70% of members. The members also carried out several researches and collaboration with colleagues from both domestic and international institution.

Top Researches:

  1. Electronic and mechanical properties characterization of new functional material base on 2D material for gas sensor base on computational study using DFT and electron microscope observation;
  2. Stabilization of space time  Schawrzschild-anti-de sitter in N=1 Chiral supergravity and existence of local-global static space time and stationer in high dimension Einsten-Higgs theory or in 4D Minkowski space;
  3. Einstein general relativity and other models of gravity, quantum field and gauge theory;
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