Applied Geology Research Group

General Information

Currently, the Applied Geology Research Group is actively conducting research in hydrogeology, geothermal, engineering geology, environmental geology, geophysics, geo-archaeology, and overpressure. Followings are our latest researches: 

  • The relation between groundwater abstraction and land subsidence in Jakarta 
  • Groundwater modeling in Jakarta and Bandung
  • Study of chemical composition of hot spring water in geothermal fields
  • The analysis of slope stability in volcanic deposit
  • Mineralization of uranium and molybdenum
  • Geo-archaeology in Bandung Basin
  • Groundwater hydrogeochemistry in volcanic area based on cluster analysis
  • Overpressuring and claystone compacting in sedimentary basin in Indonesia

In conducting the above researches, Applied Geology Research Group collaborates with the government, industries, overseas universities, as well as independent researchers. The research is expected to give contribution to the applied geological science itself, as well as to people in general.The Applied Geology Research Group is a research group with geological, geophysical, geochemical, geomaterial, geofluid, geomechanic, and physical environment (abiotic) as the basic principles that can be applied to economic geology, geothermal geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology, and geological disasters.Basically, the research group focuses on the application of geological science into human activities including surveying metallic ore deposits, fossils fuels, geothermal and groundwater resources, and applying geological knowledge in engineering and environmental contexts.

Top researches :

  1. Indonesia Overpressure Study (INOV)
  2. Recharge area determination in geothermal field
  3. Hot water classification using open source  machine learning applications, a project funded by ITB Research Grant 2016.
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