Building Technology Research Group

General Information

Building Technology Research Group is one of the research groups in School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy development. The Research Group, with other research groups, has been supporting the advancement of professional competencies in the Architecture Department of ITB. This duty is manifested in the programs planned and conducted by the Building Technology Research Group. The programs are classified in three categories; education, research, and community services. Building Technology Research Group often does the programs in collaboration with other research groups within ITB, or other parties outside ITB.

In educational field, Building Technology Research Group manages some courses in Bachelor and Master’s Degrees, as well as supervises some Ph.D dissertations. Courses managed by the research group are varied from Structure, Construction, and Building Materials, Building Physics, Building Services, Construction Management, Building Computation, to Economic of Buildings.

Furthermore, in terms of research, Building Technology Research Group has developed research in six different fields. The fields are Building System, Building Performance, Project and Construction Management, Building and Environment Control, Architectural Disaster Mitigation, and Computation and Modeling Technology. Based on those fields, Building Technology Research progresses its research, along with other related institutions, local and international, through multidiscipline collaborations.

Moreover, for community services, Building Technology Research Group, in collaboration with Housing and Settlement Research Group, has been involved in the study of technology for housing and settlement in Indonesia through an event called “Habitechno”. For instance, the research group joins in “Mitra Desa” initiative that was initiated by some lecturers in the Department of Architecture. This initiative aims to empower villages in Indonesia by means of architectural and spatial approaches. Besides, some of the research done such as the mass-rapid house technology, which has obtained a patent from Indonesian Government, can be used as a shelter in the post-disaster area.

Top Researches:

  1. Eco-Costs Life Cycle Assessment of Bamboo Preservation as Local Indigenous Method
  2. Prototype of Phase-Change-Material Wall to Reduce Building’s Cooling Load
  3. Knock-down house for Post Disaster Area
  4. Investigation of Indonesian Traditional Houses through CFD Simulation
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