Genetics and Molecular Research Group

General Information

The expertise research group of Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology actively participates in the Tridarma of higher education, focusing on genetics and molecular biology. The development of knowledge is carried out thoroughly from up- to down-stream responding to the dynamics progress of science and technology covering: exploration and conservation of genetic diversity, gene and protein function analysis, genetic engineering, synthetic biology, multi-omics (genomics, transcriptomics, nutrigenomics, etc.) and supported by bioinformatics and big data analysis.

Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology Research Groups comprises of lecturers, academic and research assistants, post-doctoral and students, who are actively involved in mono- and multi-disciplines studies in national and international institutions. The members of Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology Research Group also give contribution in community service activities and collaboration with various industries. The major Tridarma activities in KK GBM including: (1) Food Security and Agriculture; (2) Health and medicine technology; and (3) Green technology.

A number of acknowledgements have been received by KK GBM, such as the participation in many government institutions and industries as the expert team, National Research Council of Indonesia (DRN), Academy of Young Scientist of Indonesia (ALMI), Forum of Young Researcher in Indonesia (ForMIND), and national consortium of vaccine. In addition to that, KK GBM has also received various prestigious awards: excellent lecturers at national level, national and international L’oreal Unesco for Women in Sciences, Indonesia Science and Technology award, ITB innovation Award, Schlumberger Faculty for the Future, Australia Endeavour Research, Fullbright research fellowship, dan Rispro LPDP. Student members of KK GBM also have won a number of competitions: Indofood Riset Nugraha, International Biology Olympiad (IBO) dan Synthetic Biology (iGEM). The contribution towards the knowledge are presented in peer-reviewed papers, layman articles, and textbooks.

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