Engineering Physics Research Group

General Information

Engineering Physics is a multifaceted physics that is oriented toward providing solution to fundamental engineering problems. It consists of combined subject areas of physics, mathematics and engineering sciences. Guided by firm scientific methods as the fundamental paradigm, it looks for breakthrough solutions to engineering problems unresolved by traditional engineering disciplines alone.

Engineering Physics Research Group in the Faculty of Industrial Technology pursues and excels in research and solving of engineering problems covering, but not limited to areas of nanoscale instrumentation and measurement, advanced functional materials synthesis and processing, advanced energy management, computational materials design and quantum engineering, thermal energy and environmental systems, acoustical forensic, acoustical engineering and noise control, architectural acoustics, building and environmental physics, and advanced electromagnetics and wave phenomena. Current research interest of our research group members includes but not limited to: efficient and effective system for energy management in building; new functional materials for industrial applications; quantum engineered of natural dyes for dye sensitized solar cells; hybrid new and renewable energy generations, and; soundscape.

Members of Engineering Physics Research Group are actively engaged in research and community services. They regularly publish their research findings in reputable international journals. International collaborations with world class academic partners have also been a part of research culture in this research group since 35 years ago.

Top researches:

  1. Fire safety and thermal comfort in low cost multi-stories building
  2. Hybrid renewable energy system using smart grid technology
  3. A combined spectroscopic and TDDFT study of natural dyes for DSSC applications
  4. Fe/N/C doped graphene as catalyst for direct hydrazine fuel cell applications
  5. Soundscape design and analysis for healthcare facilities, open-plan offices, passenger’s transport cabin, and iconic places
  6. Concert hall acoustic design dedicated for gamelan Jawa, Bali, Sunda and angklung
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