Give to ITB

ITB draws strength from its graduates’ involvement. Badan Pengelola Usaha dan Dana Lestari ITB (BPUDL-ITB) or Business and Endownment Fund Management Agency ITB works independently and does not interfere with academic and non-academic affairs at ITB. BPUDL-ITB raises and manages funds institutionally and professionally from commercial business as well as donations, to be contributed to activities at ITB, in accordance to Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. Click the link below to make donations or to simply find out more:

There is also Salam Ganesha which is one f the ITB’s program to rally the ITB Endowment Fund with the purpose to sustainably increase the quality of ITB assets and potential. All development supported by the Endowment Fund is in-line with ITB’s direction for the next 5 years which is to become the world-class educational institute with local and global impact. To donate you can go the website:

Kantor Kealumnian is also actively participating as facilitatorin gathering and distributing donations. To donate throught Kantor Kealumnian, please fill in the form on the next link: