Telecommunication Engineering Research Group

General Information

The TESRG research areas focus on:

  1. Telematics and Services: Telematics Services, Smart network and services, Intelligent transport systems, digital forensic. Telecommunication Network and Security: Telecommunication and Adhoc Networking, Traffic Engineering, Queuing Network, Broadband and Optical Communications, Software Define Network, Communication Protocol Engineering, Multimedia Communication, Network Management and Security.
  2. Wireless Fixed and Mobile Communications: Antenna and Wave Propagation, Spread Spectrum Communication, Wireless Access and Core Networks, Modulation Technique and Software Defined Radio, Telecommunication Signal Processing and Coding, Broadcasting and High Altitude Platform System, Cognitive Radio.
  3. Microwave, Radar Technology and Observation: Detection and Estimation, Radar Signal Processing, Communication Electronics, Microwave Devices and Material, Radio Frequency Computation.
  4. Telecommunication Economy, Policy, and Regulation: Telecommunication Management, Economy, Business, and Regulation of Telecommunication, Spectrum Management Cyber Law and Interception.

Latest Research:

  1. Cubesat Development for Maritime Purposes (2019)
  2. Phased Array Radar 3D (2019)
  3. Development of Voice Switch Control System (VSCS) in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) System for Small and Medium Airports in Indonesia (2019)
  4. 4-element array Dual Band 2.4 / 5.8 GHz (2019)
  5. Antenna Composition of 64 elements Ku Ribbon (2019)
  6. S-level Tiered Antenna Arrangement (2019)
  7. EasyFlow 2.0 (2019)
  8. FMCW Radar Trainer (2019)
  9. Analysis of Measuring the Quality of Performance of Communication System Devices for Rural Areas (2019)
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