Humanities Research Group

General Information

Humanities research group is a research group that studies humanities. Humanities is a science that deals with the understanding and construction of socio-culture as a dynamic process on a platform of science, technology, arts, humanities and social sciences through a transdisciplinary approach. The aim is to see the interrelationships between science, technology, art, society and culture and their manifestations in the dynamics of social, economic, political and artistic life to produce innovative ideas about society and culture. The development of study or scientific model using interdisciplinary study is very important in order to face changes in society, both local and global.

In an institutional environment based on science, technology and arts, the role of human science is an implementation form of "Engineer's Hipprocatic Oath" which states that the science, technology and art professions must humanize the users of this profession results. Humanities make human beings more humane, more cultured, wise and polite. Humanities consists of many sciences such as language, communication, sociology, religion, psychology, and citizenship which have an equally important role compared to science, technology, and arts. In practice in Indonesia, Humanities are still often not positioned as dialogue partners or research partners by exact disciplines, technology, and art, so understanding or cases involving humans tend to be partialistic.

This becomes a challenge as well as a collective obligation in an effort to solve local and global problems which inceasingly become complex. Interdisciplinary studies of science, technology, art, and humanity are unavoidable in many ways. Many problems require problem solving holistically. Not only from one particular scientific field, but also from other fields. It is time for scientific field to cross the boundary line and make science no longer exclusive. In addition, it is also time for us to think holistically in solving the problems we face, both locally and globally.

The Humanities Research Group is committed to escort ITB which has declared itself in the 2006-2025 Renip to transform into a cultural center in the 21st century. For this reason, through Humanities, the Humanities Research Group seeks to align science, technology and art to guide changes that bring prosperity and better conditions to the Indonesian nation and the world by doing scientific research that is relevant to humanities and intersects with it. One of the activities of the Humanities Research Group is to publish “Jurnal Sosioteknologi” which has been stood since 2000, accredited by DIKTI since 2016 and published every April, August and December.

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