Architectural Design Research Group

General Information

Historically, Architectural Design Research Group is a merge from two expertise groups (Architecture Design, and Planning and Architecture Design Methodology). There are five laboratories under Architecture Design Research Group, namely: Architecture Design Laboratory, Urban Planning Laboratory, Landscape Laboratory, AR Research Methodology Laboratory, AR Design and Planning Methodology Laboratory.

Followings are the basic knowledge that needs to be studied for Architecture Design students: context for design consideration (social, cultural, environmental, physical, economic); aspect of technology; aesthetic and visual aspects; process and procedure; and the skill to use those knowledge in designing buildings as well as the skill to communicate the design in visual, textual, and oral form.

This research group studies theories and skills that are developed from practical experience from professional architects or our own lecturers. The study materials are gained from the experience in doing national and international projects. The materials are correlated with principal, design, context, methodology, media, and research.

Architectural Design Research Group members also collaborated with other faculties and overseas universities in the field of community service and research, as well as joining profession association (IAI, AMI, IALI, PII, Inkindo, and CAADRIA).

Top Researches:

  1. Relationship between Settlement Facility Design and Social Interaction in College Students’ Residential Lease (2016)
  2. Development of Fractal-based Software for Decorative Archipelago Exploration as Contemporary Building Design Media (2015)
  3. Walkability of Bandung’s Public Open Space. Higher Education Research Grant (2013)
  4. Fire Risks Reduction Method for Historic Building. Case study: Gedung Aula Barat dan Timur ITB. Higher Education Research Grant (2013)
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