Architectural History, Theory and Criticism Research Group

General Information

As a field of study, Architectural History, Theory and Criticism serves as significant part of academic discipline as well as professional practice of architecture, which deals with historical, theoretical and critical aspects of architectural phenomena and all social, cultural, political and intellectual contexts. Architectural History, Theory and Criticism Research Group aspires: 

  1. to build body of knowledge of architectural history, theory and criticism;
  2. to train analytical, conceptual, interpretive, and research methodological skills in the field of architectural history, theory and criticism;
  3. to develop contextual cognitive frameworks and models of architecture and environment.

The architectural history, theory and criticism research group has an area of study which comprises three following domains:

  1. History of Architecture, including: Indonesian architectural history and development (vernacular, colonial, post-colonial, contemporary), Western architectural history (classical, modern, postmodern, contemporary), Asian architectural history (India, China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia), Islamic architectural history (Middle East, Southeast Asia, Indonesia), architectural historiography of Indonesia, and history of building types.
  2. Theory of Architecture, including: classical theory of architecture, contemporary theory of architecture, local theory of architecture, the application of social science and humanity theories in architecture.
  3. Architectural Criticism, including: theory and methodology of architectural criticism.

The Architectural History, Theory and Criticism Research Group has established a road map for research, education, and community service activities for the period of 2016-2020, which covers the following themes: Research for the conservation of dwelling culture in Indonesia; Strengthening socio-cultural insights in architectural education at ITB; and Dissemination of socio-cultural insights in architecture to the public.

The Architectural History, Theory and Criticism Research Group is actively developing knowledge discourse through the STKAday activities with the output of the publication of books. The best writings of the students of architecture undergraduate and master programs were also appreciated by being published in the anthology book. The members of this group have published various articles at seminars and journals both nationally and internationally, and have published books privately or in collaboration with external. The members are also active in various opportunities to become moderators, journal reviewers, and contribute their thoughts in expertise activities as speakers and guest lecturers.

Top Researches:

  1. Exploration of Dwelling Tradition at Mountainous Village of Bali Aga as an Integrated Cultural-Natural Tourism (Kemenristekdikti, Penelitian Unggulan Perguruan Tinggi, Himasari Hanan, 2016).
  2. Strategy for Revitalization of Art and Culture of Batak Toba as Tourism Object and Creative Industry (Kemendikbud, Riset Strategis Nasional, Himasari Hanan, 2013-2015).
  3. Study on Traditional Village of Bali Aga as Cultural Product for Tourism Industry (Kemendikbud, Riset Desentralisasi Dikti, Himasari Hanan, 2013).

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