Board of Officials

Board of Officials

Rector Prof. Reini Wirahadikusumah, Ph.D
Vice Rector of Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Jaka Sembiring, M.Eng
Vice Rector of Finance, Planning and Development Ir. Muhamad Abduh, MT., Ph.D.
Vice Rector of Resources Dr. Ir. Gusti Ayu Putri Saptawati S., M.Comm.
Vice Rector of Research and Innovation Prof. Ir. I Gede Wenten, M.Sc.,Ph.D.
Secretary of Institute Prof. Dr.-Ing.Ir. Widjaja Martokusumo
Director of ITB Jatinangor Campus Ir. Agus Jatnika Effendi, Ph.D
Chair of Internal Control Unit Prof. Hendra Gunawan, Ph.D
Chair of the Quality Assurance Unit Dr. Poerbandono, ST., MM.
Chair of the Business and Endowment Fund Deddy Priatmodjo Koesrindartoto, Ph.D
Dean of Faculty of Earth Sciences and TechnologyProf. Ir. Benyamin Sapiie, Ph.D
Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Prof. Dr. Edy Tri Baskoro, M.Sc.
Dean of Faculty of Art and Design Dr. Imam Santosa M.Sn.
Dean of Faculty of Industrial Technology Prof. Dr. Ir. Deddy Kurniadi
Dean of Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Prof. Ir. Hari Muhammad, Ph.D.
Dean of Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering  Prof. Ir. Ade Sjafruddin, M.Sc.,Ph.D.
Dean of Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering Prof. Sri Widiyantoro, M.Sc.,Ph.D.
Dean of School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development Dr. Ir. Denny Zulkaidi, MUP.
Dean of School of Business and Management Prof. Dr. Ir.Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono, DEA
Dean of School of Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Daryono Hadi Tj. Apt.,M.Sc.
Dean of School of Life Sciences and Technology Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Pugeg Aryantha
Dean of School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Prof. Ir. Dwi Hendratmo Widyantoro, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Board of Trustees

Chair of the Board of Trustees Ir. Yani Panigoro, MM.
Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees Prof. Dr. Dr (HC). Ir. Djoko Santoso, M.Sc., IPU.,AER
Executive Secretary of the Board of Trustees Prof. Dr. Benhard Sitohang

Academic Senat

Chair of the Academic Senate Prof. Hermawan Kresno Dipojono, Ph.D.
Secretary of the Academic Senate Wawan Dhewanto, Ph.D.