Construction Engineering and Management Research Group

General Information

Construction Engineering and Management Research Group (CEM RG) has actively engaged in education, research, and community service in the search of solutions on construction engineering and construction management-related problems.

The CEM RG was established in 1980 as a pioneer in Construction Engineering and Management education in Indonesia. Its research covers construction engineering in construction field operations at the micro-level, the enhancement of construction project management quality at the meso-level, and the enhancement of construction business quality as well as the development of construction industry at the macro-level. The CEM RG has been dynamically implementing its research agenda focusing on Lean Construction in Indonesia. This research agenda consists of four main topics, namely: Construction Supply Chain Management, Construction Project Planning and Control, Construction Operation, as well as Infrastructure and Assets Management.

Various activities of CEM RG have been supported by CEM Laboratory. The CEM Lab. was established in 1990 and was the first of its kind in Indonesia. The facilities consist of Computer Room which provides and manages various construction engineering and management software; references such as textbooks, academic journals, standards, manuals, as well as master and Ph.D. theses; and multimedia facilities to support the education and research.

As its community services, CEM RG has actively engaged in research collaborations with government through the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, and the industry in developing the nation’s construction industry. CEM RG existence has been nationally recognized by Indonesia’s construction practitioners through its active participations in professional community organization in construction service e.g. Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) both at national and provincial levels, and other professional organizations.

Top researches :

  1. Procurement Method,
  2. Performance Based Contract,
  3. Alternative Project Delivery,
  4. Construction Industry Development,
  5. Human Resources Development,
  6. Disaster Risk Reduction,
  7. Construction Risk Management,
  8. Green Construction,
  9. Lean Construction.
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