Metallurgy Engineering Research Group

General Information

Metallurgy Engineering Research Group is one of the research groups in ITB that uses physics, mathematics, chemistry and engineering processes in describing and developing phenomena of mineral and coal processing, metal extraction, alloy engineering, recycle process, alloy strengthening, alloy failure and degradation. Current research focuses on bio-flotation, low-rank coal up-grading, utilization of industrial minerals, advanced oxide systems, hydrometallurgy and bio-hydrometallurgy of nickel, copper, gold and tin ores, iron extraction from lateritic iron ore and iron sand, rare-earth metals extraction, development of high strength steels, antimicrobial and biomedical alloys and superalloys, corrosion and coatings. Since 2008, the group has conducted National Iron and Steel Seminar and Seminar on Indonesian Process Metallurgy annually. In 2015, the group conducted The 21st International Bio-hydrometallurgy Symposium, as well as the International Process Metallurgy Conference in 2016.

Top researches:

  1. Bio-flotation and metal extraction of lateritic ores.
  2. Development of high temperature alloys andcoatings
  3. Advance Rare-Earth Oxides.
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