Statistics Research Group

General Information

In general, statistics is related to modeling and analyzing data, designing experiments, making conclusion, predictions, and decisions in the face of uncertainty. The Research Group main research interest is the application of statistics; applied problems that triggers the development of new methods and new applications of advanced statistical methodology.

The Research Group conducted research lies in various fields of statistics, ranging from theoretical studies to applied studies. The Research Group is keen to develop new statistical methodologies for complex data, especially those arising in biology, finance, and insurance. Its current research is focused on topics in analysis of space-time, the analysis of big data, copula, Hidden-Markov model, financial time series, reliability process, quality control process, statistical learning theory, general insurance, bio-informatics, geo-statistics, and warranty.

The Research Group education program includes 4-year Undergraduate Program (Mathematics), and 2-year Master’s programs (Mathematics; Mathematics Education; and Actuarial Science). In addition to that, it also provides statistical consultation for its collaborator at the university and local practitioners.

Several linkages have been developed for many years with our partner corporations. For instance, the group has collaborated intensively with heavy equipment company (PT. Komatsu Indonesia), transportation company (PT. Bhineka), online shopping company (URBANINDO), online payment company (Veritrans), mining company (PT. Freeport Indonesia), palm oil plantation company (PT. Astra Agro Lestari), petroleum company (PT. Chevron), and insurance companies (Jiwasraya, PT. Taspen). We also collaborate with both local practitioners and foreign researchers.

To improve its laboratory assistant’s analytical skill, workshops and trainings are held regularly. The Research Group holds a routine discussion with Statistics Ph.D students and biannual international conference called ICASS (International Conference in Actuarial Science and Statistics).

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