Sports Science Research Group

General Information

Sports Science Research Group consists of two major science subgroups: (1) athletic and biomechanical physiology and (2) athletic health. Both subgroups are integrated, developing the roadmap of Sports Science Research Group. Athletic physiology subgroup analyzes physiology function, while biomechanical analyzes body movement during exercise (health and/or achievement athletic). Meanwhile, athletic health subgroup analyzes human’s physical abilities and how to keep, maintain and improve being healthy through athletic activities. Both subgroups are expected to be independent in developing their own competencies in the future such as: athletic management, athletic sociology and many more. Administratively, Sports Science Research Group obtained specific duty and is responsible for the management of: (1) implementation of athletic course (MKOR) which is compulsory for all for all first common year students with a total of 3000 students per year, and set up of the schedule of theoretical and practicum courses; (2) responsibility for the development of the researches with topics including each science subgroup, source of funds and dissemination of the researches’ results; (3) providing service of the study competencies to academic civitas and the public.Sports Science Research Group, besides its duty on fulfilling college’s tri dharma, is also entrusted to develop human resources (with investment and developing human resources pattern) through trainings, seminars and workshops.

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