Undergraduate Programs

Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) opens for undergraduate student admissions once in every year. Based on the Rector's Decree Number 071/SK/K01/PP/2006, new students are registered as their faculty/school students before getting placed into their desired study program in the second year. The placement is determined by student’s interest, study program capacity, and their achievement during the first year. The first-year phase is called Matriculation Program (Tahap Persiapan Bersama).


Master's Programs

ITB's master's program is managed by Postgraduate School of ITB and have been accredited by Institution of National Accreditation (BAN-PT). By being oriented towards science and applied science, ITB's master's program is aimed to improve the mastery level of science and skill that have been achieved by the students during their undergraduate years so they can be agile in their own fields. The master's program is designed to be finished in two years, and is possible to be finished under four semesters. 


Doctoral Programs

ITB doctoral program aims to produce graduates who have good academic attitude, can do independent research, and can give meaningful contribution in natural science, engineering science, management science, or fine arts and design science. The program is designed to be finished in three years, for six semesters. Other than that, ITB offers partnership doctoral program for students from ITB's partner institution that have partnership in academic field with ITB to continue studying doctoral program in ITB.


Professional Study Program

Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) has two professional programs, which are Pharmacist Professional Study Program and Engineering Professional Study Program.

Pharmacist Professional Study Program is held by School of Pharmacy and targeted to the graduates of Pharmacy Undergraduate Program. The outcome of the program will be the competence of apothecary in pharmacy according to national standard (Indonesian Apothecary Association) and international standard (The International Pharmaceutical Federation). With this competency, the graduates can start their career in various sectors like industry, regulation, science, or anything related to pharmacy. 

Engineering Professional Study Program is held by various engineering faculties in ITB, which consists of 18 sub courses at 7 faculties, through Recognition of Past Experience Program, and 1 sub course at 1 faculty through Regular Program. Engineering Professional Study Program aims to give license and education in engineering to support infrastructure development and global competition in engineering.