Oceanography Research Group

General Information

Oceanography Research Group Platform: the development of theoretical aspects and oceanography applied on exploring Indonesian Oceans. Oceanography is rooted in Physics and Mathematics and supported by related science and technology in Geoscience, including Geology, Geophysics and Atmospheric Science, Astronomy, Chemical, Electronics and Management.

Oceanography is derived from the Greek words  okeanos meaning “ocean” and  grafo meaning “write”. The literal meaning of the two words is the graphic of the ocean. Specifically, Oceanography is the study of the physical, dynamical and chemical processes occurring at the ocean. Studies in Oceanography are related, and even integral, to other terrestrial studies such as lithosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere and biosphere.

Fields of study developed in Oceanography Research Group include: Coastal Oceanography (including the study and modeling about physical, dynamical and chemical processes on the coast, including estuaries, such as sedimentation and coastal erosion, propagation and interaction of waves on the shore, tidal and its engineering aspects, ocean water intrusion, land-ocean interaction and ocean energy potential), Regional and Global Oceanography (including the study and modeling about physical, dynamical and chemical processes in the ocean with regional and global scale, such as the study of ocean-air interaction, tsunami and Indonesian cross flow, Environment Oceanography including the study of oceanography associated with environmental impact aspects, such as assessment and modeling of the spread of oil spills or other pollutants in the ocean, fishery oceanography and the study on the impact of physical, dynamical and chemical processes in the ocean to a various life aspects of the people, varied from economics, coastal area management and disaster mitigation on the coast, Modeling Oceanography including the development of numerical models for learning the dynamics of ocean, coastal processes and review of ocean environmental issues.

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