Air and Waste Management Research Group

General Information

Air and Waste Management Research Group is one of the three groups from former Department of Environmental Engineering in ITB. This group has been developed since January 2006 as a merger of 2 laboratories; Laboratory of Solid and Hazardous Waste and Laboratory of Air Quality. Both laboratories are the only laboratories in higher education in Indonesia that work on solid waste and air quality management issues. Those laboratories are now the principal infrastructures that support Air and Waste Management Research Group activities for education, research, and other professional jobs. Air and Waste Management Research Group is supported by 2 Professor, 4 Associate Professors, and 10 Assistant Professors. All staff members graduated from leading universities in the United States, England, France, Austria, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia who are experienced in the field of air and solid waste management and control as lectures, researchers, or professionals. There are four sub-divisions in the Air and Waste Management Research Group: 1). Solid and hazardous waste management; 2). Solid waste technology; 3). Air quality management; 4). Air quality control technology.

The main programs of AWM Group are as follow. In terms of education: Air and Waste Management Research is in charge of developing curriculum and improving educational situation through producing related modules, clear guidance for home-works, growing a more interactive learning-teaching in laboratories, classes, actual topics, and open grading, and developing lecturing modules and home-works using information system. In terms of research, Air and Waste Management Research is actively taking part in the competitive researches such as SIDA, GIZ, Euro-Asia Link, ICLEI, Toyota Corp., Osaka Gas Japan, US NASA, NUS_US Navy, Dalhousie University (Canada), Institution Development, RUT, Vucher, IPTEK, SKW, and ITB funding.

Up until now, this research group is actively involved in the developments of the current Indonesian needs in its development, particularly in solid waste and air quality management problem. It ranges from the development of manual and codes up to its dissemination of them. This group has a significant contribution on the development and preparation of Indonesian regulation for Solid Waste Management Act and Clean Air Act Drafts. This group also collaborated with other departments and research institutions such as Research Institute for Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Environment, Local Governments, or private institution such as Chevron, Freeport, Krakatau Steel, Kaltim Prima Coal, Indocement, Holcim Indonesia, Coal Fired Power Plant, Paper and Textile industries, and other applicative researches.

Top researches:

  1. Emission Inventory from Transport sector in Jakarta City (Funding Toyota Corp-Japan June 2016-Maret 2017).
  2. Development of Green House Gas Emission Factor and Particulate Characterization from Peat Fire Emission in Indonesia (Osaka Gas Japan, 2016).
  3. Research Collaboration on PM2.5 measurement in Bandung using Sun Photometer (US NASA, 2009-present)
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