Environmental Management Technology Research Group

General Information

The Environmental Management Technology Research Group was established in 2006 as a result of a merger between the groups of Environmental Management and Environmental Health. 

The group’s vision is to become the world leader institution in the field of Environmental Management and Technology especially for developing countries. Our mission is to contribute in development of Environmental Engineering and Management through highly qualified and innovative education systems, distinctive research, and intensified community services. This research group responds appropriately to global and local challenges in the field of environmental management and technology based on the available resources found in developing countries. 

Currently, this research group is supported by 14 members who have expertise in the areas of:

  1. Management of water resources (quality and quantity aspects),
  2. Environmental management, environmental health,
  3. Health and safety management,
  4. Environmental modeling,
  5. Community-based development,
  6. Appropriate technologies in urban and rural areas,
  7. Development of sanitation,
  8. Management of soil quality,
  9. Ecotechnology,
  10. Environmental management of marine, coastal and lowland ecosystem.

The Research Group primary research program covers six major aspects, namely: Environment system analysis and modeling; Environment quality; Water conservation and management; Occupational health and safety; Community development, and; Environmental toxicology and risk analysis. We also provide consultation in: Environmental monitoring program and environmental management progam; Study of environmental impact analysis; Bioassay, and; Study of water resources management. Following trainings are also given to the community; Environmental management and monitoring; Sustainable management of water resources (quantity and quality aspects); Environment modeling; Clean technology; Environmental management system; Environmental risk analysis; Environmental health risks analysis; Toxicology environment; Appropriate technology; Environmental audit; HACCP; Life cycle analysis; Environmental policy; Community sanitation; Floods and droughts; Ecotechnology, and OHSAS 18000.

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