Entrepreneurship and Technology Management Research Group

General Information

Entrepreneurship becomes an important issue in the economic sector anywhere, including in Indonesia. Both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship (entrepreneurship values implemented inside a corporation) becomes increasingly important in a dynamic environment. 

ITB needs to develop the entrepreneurship studies, especially in the field of technology and how to use it to provide maximum benefit for the company. Learning that there is a need for the development of entrepreneurship in Indonesia, SBM-ITB has made a group of expertise in the specific program of study that explore the field of entrepreneurship, which in this case is associated with the management of technology.

In the learning process, knowledge of the actual practice of entrepreneurship is as important as the knowledge about the entrepreneurship theory. The results of these studies need to be managed in such a way that can be consumed not only by academics but also by real entrepreneurs.

Therefore, to develop researches in the entrepreneurship field, it is necessary to develop international networks for research in order to share the insights of entrepreneurship and research methodology as well as being an ambassador of information about the state of entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

The scope of knowledge contained in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management Research Group consists of entrepreneurship, management of technology, creativity and innovation, new product development, and creative industries.

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