Pharmacochemistry Research Group

General Information

Pharmacochemistry Research Group consists of two major science subgroups: Analytical Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry. The research group resources support all ranges of researches in the field of Analytical Pharmacy, Clinical Chemistry, Analytical Microbiology, Food Safety Analysis and Medicinal Chemistry.

Featured Programs in Education

In education, Pharmacochemistry Research Group has developed courses for Undergraduate program in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology and Clinical Pharmacy and Community, alongside with health technology program which is going to be established with contents relevant to the development of science and technology and researches in Pharmacochemistry of ITB. The courses are  needed in the upcoming workplaces. Pharmacochemistry Research Group has also provided scientists with necessary facilities in order to deepen the knowledge through master and/or doctoral programs in the field of Analytical Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry, Analytical Toxicology and Food Safety Analysis.

Featured Program in Research:

  1. Development and validation of analytical methods of pharmaceutical and food products which contain various active substance or nutrient components, and contaminants analysis. This relates to the difficulties faced by the pharmaceutical and food industry.
  2. Design, synthesis and testing of physical biochemistry cationic porphyrin compounds as anti-cancer candidate. This research involves collaboration with international institutions and is expected to boost the number of international publications.
  3. Development of cinchona alkaloid derivatives as chiral selectors and anti-malaria drug candidate. Development of quercetin derivatives as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug candidate, etc.

Featured Programs in Service:

Providing service in quality testing of various products—including medicines, cosmetics, foods, household health supplies and certain non-electronic medical health equipment.

Featured Program in Research:

  1. Development and validation of analytical methods containing multivitamins, amino acids and minerals (cooperated with the pharmaceutical industry)
  2. Development of the method in determining melamine in various dairy products (cooperated with the food industry)
  3. Development of Radiopharmaceuticals for Diagnosis and Therapy of Cancer (National Strategic Grant, DP2M Higher Education)
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