Flight Physics Research Group

General Information 

Flight Physics Research Group is a merger of two fields of studies, Aerodynamics, which studies draft around flying objects including aero-elasticity and aero-acoustic, and Flight Mechanics, which studies, achievement, control, navigation, and flying guide, as well as the integration and the application of those fields in designing aircraft and operating airplane. The members of the group can apply their skills to work on civilian aircraft, military aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, rockets, missiles, and even the movement of flying insects and birds.

Followings are some topics that are developed by Flight Physics Research Group :

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Experimental techniques
  • Airplane wings and high lift devices design
  • Aero-elasticity and Aero-acoustic
  • Wind tunnel and flight testing/technology
  • Rocket and Propulsion System
  • Astrodinamcis and sattelite control
  • Designing and analizing flying achievement, dynamics, and control
  • Simulation technology

Currently, Flight Physics Research Group is supported by 13 staffs from reputable international universities. Our research group also collaborates with other industries, research institutes, and both national and international universities.

Top researches :

  1. Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) System
  2. Wing in Surface Effect (WiSE) Prototype and Simulator
  3. Mini turbo jet engine prototype
  4. UAV autonomous system
  5. Simulations of rocket and sattelite dynamics and control
  6. Development of civilian aircraft of PT DI (CN-235, N250, N2130, N219) and military aircraft (IFX/KFX) (collaboration of Indonesia and South Korea
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