Business Strategy and Marketing Research Group

General Information

Business Strategy and Marketing Research Group is a research group under the School of Business and Management of Management of Institut Teknologi Bandung. It was established in 2004 following the establishment of the school. The group has two clusters, namely Business Strategy and International Business Cluster; and Strategic Marketing Cluster.

Business Strategy and International Business Cluster seek to provide deeper understanding business strategy in both local and international context. Research issues in this area are strategy formulations influencing factors, competitive and cooperative strategies, competitive advantage, and top management issues. 

Strategic marketing cluster seeks to advance our understanding how firms successfully manage their customers and their environment in order to sustain by having above average return. There are several research areas covered by this cluster. First, we seek to understand marketing strategy formulation process, which includes how to identify and analyze relevant information that comes from internal and external environment. Furthermore, this stream of research concern with the identification of attractive market opportunities and threats and the forecasting of future trends in business areas of interest. Second, we focus our inquiry on how customers and competitors are responding to marketing strategy implemented by the firm. This information serves as input to developing marketing models that are useful for marketing decision maker. Third, we are interested in investigating how marketing and organization are related, especially on how different business entities interact with one another in Business-to-Business setting. Lastly, we plan to increase our understanding on how elements of a business environment, such as the firm, customers, and other organizations and institutions interact and form interdependency. This also includes research of the existing networks of interdependencies and ecosystem-like dynamics.

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