Energy and Chemical Engineering Processing System Research Group

General Information

Fields of Interest: Energy (biodiesel, bioethanol, biomass/coal gasification), energy-efficient process, technology for conversion of energy resources, materials related to the construction of process and energy conversion, combustion processes, corrosion engineering, and electrochemical conversion processes, process modeling, simulation, and optimization, chemical process safety, chemical processing unit design and development

Vision: A pioneer in research and development of fuels, renewable chemical energy, chemical processing system, and industrial energy utilization and conservation technology based on local resources within the chemical process technology topic for the benefit of humanity.

Mission: To implement education, research, and community services as dictated by the Tri Dharma of higher education within the innovative chemical process technology to meet the local challenge and global transformation.

Top researches:

  1. Conversion of Oil Palm Solid Waste into Methanol and Dimethyl-Ether through Gasification Process (Biomass to Liquid)
  2. The Making of Activated Nanocarbon for Supercapacitor from Oil Palm Waste
  3. Development of Bio-Crude Oil Production Technology made of Empty Fruit Bunch Biomass and Palm Fronds
  4. Development of Biomass Burner Technology in Low-calorific Value  to be used in Steam Power Plant’s Boiler (under 1 MW capacity)
  5. High Efficient Conversion of Biomass Residues into High Value-added Biomaterials and Biofuels by Utilizing Mild Hydrothermal Process (E-Asia Joint Research Program; Japan-Indonesia-Thailand)
Research Group