Energy Conversion Research Group

General Information

Energy Conversion Research Group consists of experts, lecturers, and researchers in the field of energy conversion that involves energy and mass interaction in the aspects of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics both in solid and fluid state, and the integration of energy generation system and its utility. Energy Conversion Research Group study scope includes but not limited to power supply, internal and external combustion, water, sun, and ocean power supply, propulsion, application of alternative fuels and the improvement of solid fuels quality as a source of clean energy, energy conservation in buildings, as well as refrigeration and air conditioning.

The research results that have been applied are: factory to improve coal quality, motor fuel with compound fuel, terofaksi process reactor for managing solid wastes and biomass, low air head turbines, wind turbines, and ocean current turbines, geothermal, smart grid systems, environmental-friendly refrigerant, biodiesel, bioavtur, machine-based thermoelectric cooling, and increased efficiency of the industry-based equipment.

Other than education and research, Energy Conversion Research Group also provides training and consultation service in the following area: operating, maintaining and repairing gas and steam turbines, furnace and boiler, biomass wastes management process, energy savings on buildings, and operating, maintaining and repairing some systems such as gas and steam power plant system, new and renewable energy system, environmental-friendly refrigerant system, environmental-friendly air conditioning system.

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