Message from the Rector

Rector's Speech on the Third Graduation Ceremony 2019/2020 Academic Year

First of all, with gratitude and pride, I congratulate all the graduates of the Doctor's Program, Master's Program, Engineering Professional Study Program, and Bachelor Program from the Third Graduation Ceremony of Institut Teknologi Bandung, Academic Year 2019/2020.

After going through all stages of the study, accompanied by effort, perseverance, tenacity, and getting all the support and prayer from the family, the graduates have now succeeded in obtaining an academic degree or have completed an engineering professional education. The title is a form of recognition of the competencies of the graduates and at the same time a reminder of a new responsibility that the graduates entailed, namely to contribute to the people and people of Indonesia.

As we all know, to this day the pandemic is still a challenge for all of us. Although in general social restraint measures have succeeded in reducing transmission rates, in a number of places new Covid-19 transmission clusters have emerged. Because of this, we all need to remain vigilant and implement health protocols in a disciplined manner, in order to suppress and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Upon consideration of the current situation with regard to the spread of Covid-19, ITB executives made the decision to cancel the graduation ceremony. We fully understand and realize the importance of the Graduation Procession, both for all ITB graduates, parents or families. However, our efforts to jointly cope with the spread of Covid-19 are still very much needed.




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