Ecology Research Group

General Information

Research in Ecology Research Group is oriented towards achieving a healthy and sustainable ecosystem. Some of the researches that have been, or are being, conducted by the group’s member include, among others, Indonesia’s biodiversity study, ecosystem functions and processes, shifts in species distribution, application of bioindicators, conservation, and ecosystem rehabilitation. Fundamental concepts are studied and implemented for applied objectives through various approaches, including ecological engineering.

Top researches:

  1. Rocha et al., 2014 Specimen collection: An essential tool. Science 344 (6186), 814-815. Sitasi = 59.
  2. Iskandar et al. 2014. A novel reproductive mode in frogs: a new species of fanged frog with internal fertilization and birth of tadpoles. PloS One 9 (12), e115884. Sitasi = 9.
  3. Linkem et al. 2013. Stochastic faunal exchanges drive diversification in widespread Wallacean and Pacific island lizards (Squamata: Scincidae: Lamprolepis smaragdina). Journal of Biogeography 40 (3), 507-520. Sitasi = 21.
  4. Hoffmann et al., 2010.The impact of conservation on the status of the world’s vertebrates. Science 330 (6010), 1503-1509. Sitasi = 664.  

Published book :

Meijaard et al., 2005. Life after logging: reconciling wildlife conservation and production forestry in Indonesian Borneo (terjemahan: Hutan Pasca Pemanenan). CIFOR. Sitasi= 251 (+11).

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