104 Startup ITB has achieved a perfect score for the alumni outcome indicators these past few years. Most of the start-ups we know today were found by either former or current students of the university. Read more
315 Intelectual Property As the national leader in scholarly research, ITB is well aware of its intellectual property which has both moral and economic values. Any works created in science, art, and technology are protected under the law including trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Read more
137 ITB Innovation From basic needs to technology, ITB encourages its community to address the problems our society is facing today and find how to solve it. Explore innovations at ITB through the following link. Read more
KKN Tematik KKN Tematik (Thematic Field Work Experience) is an elective course in the form of community service executed at a particular place and time, with a scientific and social approach. Its themes include water, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, and education.
Community Service Community service at ITB provides opportunities to contribute and participate in social, educational, and cultural activities to strengthen connections between the university and the community.
Community Development ITB aims to participate in community development through various projects including workshops, trainings, and consultancy for the community with various partners, such as national and international research institutions, government, industries, private companies, state-owned companies, and other social enterprises.
Partnership ITB has over 564 international partners and 929 national partners, providing tremendous advantages and opportunities for students and staff members to collaborate in the areas of education, research, and community service for better Indonesia.