Chemical Engineering Process Design and Development Research Group

General Information

Chemical Engineering Process Design and Development Research Group deals with research and studies to develop chemical engineering science and catalysts, separation and purification processes, simulation, and computational processes. The activities include developing the unit operation and chemical plant, proposing and guiding process modifications, and troubleshooting and implementing integrative operational strategies for current or existing equipment. This research group also conducted various researches or activities in collaboration with various national and international institutions to support and develop Indonesian chemical industries.

Members of the group are doing their research in each laboratory available in the Chemical Engineering study program, such as in the laboratory of chemical reaction engineering and catalysis that focuses on chemical reaction engineering and catalysis. It conducts research on reactor design, chemical conversion, process optimization, and production of catalysts for various chemical reactions used in the industry. Recently, the laboratory is focused more on producing more catalysts and developing strong collaboration with industries. Moreover, this research group is developing separation and purification technology, which is done in the laboratory of separation process and purification.

The research projects conducted in this research gap are related to fundamentals and methods in the separation process, purification of chemical compounds, and optimization of unit operations. New methods for the separation process are also developed here, such as super-hydrophobic polypropylene membrane, membranes for used oil and cigarette smoke filtration, electro-deionization for desalination process, extraction modeling in a packed column, supercritical extraction, and micro reactor-based processes. The last focus of this group is Process Design and Development such as the development of the pilot-scale design of green diesel production from crude palm oil (CPO), development of engineering calculation tools for unit operation design and rating, and dynamic simulation of natural gas transportation, including flow assurance study.

Several members of the Chemical Engineering Process Design and Development Research Group actively publish their research in reputable international journals. The achievement is showed in the SCOPUS H- an index with a score of more than 5 and the highest score is 15. Furthermore, all members have collaborated with both national and international chemical industries and universities. 

Top researches:

  1. HDO catalyst for green diesel and bioavtur production.
  2. Super-hydrophobic polypropylene membrane.
  3. Membranes for used oil and cigarette smoke filtration.
  4. Molecular analysis of the CO2 dan H2S absorption in ionic liquid and amine solution (and other solvents).
  5. Hydrogen purification with Pd/Al2O3 membrane.
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