Mining Engineering Research Group

General Information

The Expertise Group of Mining Engineering (KK Teknik Pertambangan) is responsible for education in the Mining Engineering Option of the Mining Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering ITB. The program aims to educate students to become qualified mining engineering graduates with skills and knowledge about minerals and coal extraction both on the surface and underground who are able to develop or apply mining technology and carry out task management efficiently and effectively in terms of time, cost, and risk. In addition, the Expertise Group of Mining Engineering is responsible for scientific development in the field of mining engineering, so the group members are also active in conducting research in the related fields and in implementing the research for community service.

The Expertise Group of Mining Engineering has 14 members with expertise in geomechanics, mining environment, and mineral economics. All members of the Expertise Group of Mining Engineering have doctoral qualifications and experience not only in the fields of education and research, but also in industry and government institutions.

The Expertise Group of Mining Engineering has the following vision, mission, and objectives:


To carry out educational, research, and community service activities in the field of mining engineering to produce open and underground mining operations that are safe and environmentally friendly and that provide optimal benefits.


To create, share, and apply knowledge in the mining sector and produce superior mining human resources to support the progress of the national development of the mining sector.

The Policy Direction and Strategy of the Expertise Group of Mining Engineering are built on a framework of the above objectives in accordance with the Three Pillars of Higher Education supported by Human Resources, Facilities and Infrastructure, and the Organization. Research conducted by the Expertise Group of Mining Engineering covers the following fields:

  • Sub-fields of geomechanics and mining technology: Underground and deep surface mining stability, development of underground structure research, rock mass excavation and blasting, loading, and hauling, and seminars or symposiums.
  • Sub-fields of mining environment: Acid mine water, pit lake, REE recovery, mine water management, mine reclamation and mine closure plans, self-combusting coal, explosion mechanism due to methane gas content and coal dust content, and mine ventilation.
  • Sub-fields of economics and mineral policy: The economic benefits of mining activities, macro policy for managing mineral and coal resources, and the production supply chain and sales of mineral and coal resources.
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