Instrumentation and Control Research Group

General Information

Instrumentation and Control Research Group (KK-INK) is one of many research groups in Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI) Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).


To become a pioneer in the scientific development of instrumentation and control to support the education and research activities as a real contribution to scientific development at the national and international levels


Creating, sharing and applying the knowledge and technology in the scientific field of instrumentation and control as well as producing superior human resources with national and international competitiveness.

Research Concentration

As a research group with Quality Research on Instrumentation and Control, in supporting education, applying research results and industries, currently KK-INK focuses on basic and advanced research and its application to "Instrumentation and Control for Performance Optimization of Multi Scale Systems". KK-INK has the scientific basis refers to the IEEE society which consists of signals, robotics and automation, control systems, computers, photonics, ultrasonic, ferroelectric and frequency control, instrumentation and measurement, health engineering, and industrial applications as shown in the figure below.

KK-INK always follows the latest scientific developments. In the second layer, there are science and technology sub-fields within the KK-INK. Physically, these sub-fields are accommodated in laboratories as KK-INK working environments. Each laboratory has application and technology developments that are depicted on the outer layer of the research roadmap at KK-INK.

The fields of application chosen for the 2015-2025 period by KK-IK are based on the 2016-2020 national research agenda, by prioritizing national needs that require breakthroughs and technology transfer in the near future. Therefore, the topic of research, community service, and the initiation of an innovation program with instrumentation and control theme is proposed, especially on the topic of health technology, development of control science studies, imaging technology, study of industrial 4.0 transformation and the development of start-up in the instrumentation industry.

Currently KK-INK consists of 12 researchers and 2 academic assistants, who have the competence and experience in supporting the development of Instrumentation and Control Technology and Science in the scope of research in various fields of application that have been mentioned above.

Research Group