Biomedical Engineering Research Group

General Information

Biomedical Engineering is a multidisciplinary field involving various engineering, scientific and technological methods to solve problems in biology and medicine for the improvement of the community healthcare. To study this interdisciplinary field, basic science and engineering are required. This includes basic and advanced electronics and computer, anatomy and physiology, biomedical physics, biomedical transducers and instrumentation, and biomedical system design. The biomedical engineering research areas focus on medical instrumentation, e-health and telemedicine, biomedical imaging and image processing, as well as biomechanics and medical rehabilitation. 

Latest Researches:

  1. NIVA (Non-Invasive Vascular Analyzer) (2019)
  2. Palm Fruit Grading System (2019)
  3. Sahabat Bundaku (2019)
  4. Detection of Cataracts in Digital Eye Image Using Statistical Texture Analysis Methods and K-Nearest Neighbor (2019)
  5. Pedobarography System Using Velostat Sensor (2019)
  6. Development of Instrument and Prototype Measuring Speed, Acceleration, and Endurance of Athlete Speed (2019)
  7. Smartphone-Based Development of Endothelial Cell Dysfunction Detection Devices for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases (2019)
  8. Development of Foot Measure Posture Measuring Tools for Detection of Abnormalities in Spine and Gait (2019)
  9. Engine Control Unit for 2-Stroke Fuel Engine Engines on Medium Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (2019)
  10. Car Blackbox (2019).
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