Global Geophysics Research Group

General Information

Geophysics is a branch of Earth science that studies the condition and physical phenomena occurring in the solid part of the Earth from the crust down to the inner core. The studies are based on the application of physical laws and supported by other field of studies such as mathematics, geology, computational sciences and instrumentation. Thus, the science parts of geophysics are inseparable from the application parts.

In Global Geophysics Research Group, the following research topics are pursued and developed: seismology (earthquake, tsunami and propagation of waves in general), geodynamics (tectonism and plate tectonics), exploration seismology (hydrocarbons and geothermal), geomagnetism (paleointensity and paleomagnetism), applied geophysics (environmental and engineering geophysics), and volcano physics. These topics are aimed at providing the images of physical structure in the subsurface and to identifying the sizes of resources that are useful for humanity. Apart from that, within the aforementioned topics, special efforts are given to develop geophysical applications in environmental studies, agriculture, and infrastructure as well as mitigation of natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruption).

Followings are the activities of the research group in general:

  • Data acquisition; collecting rocks and sediment samples as well as surveying design and measuring geophysical parameter in the field.
  • Data processing; measuring rock and sediment samples, analyzing, correcting, and modeling geophysical data.
  • Interpreting; validating conceptual model through decision making.
  • Modeling; modeling physical quality of subsurface rocks to reconstruct or to predict its future possibility.

All members of Global Geophysics research group actively publish their research on reputable international journals. The achievement is reflected in the SCOPUS H-index with the score of more than 5,  with the highest score of 15.  The members also carried several research with their colleagues from both domestic and international institutions/universities.

Top researches:

  1. DOMERAPI Project (a collaboration between French scientists from ISTerre, ISTO, Laboratoire Magmas & Volcanism, iPGP and Indonesian scientists from ITB, UGM, and Geological Agency of Indonesia in monitoring seismic activities of Merapi volcano.
  2. Towuti Drilling Project (a collaboration between scientists from ITB, Brown University, and other institutions in predicting past, present, and future climate of Towuti Lake)
  3. Ambient Noise Tomography in the Java Island (a collaboration between ITB, BMKG (National Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics), and Australian National University in projecting shallow structure image in Java Island.
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