The Master Program in Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) was established in 1993, offering advanced education programs for a Master's degree in pure and applied mathematics.

It is recognized as one of the leading mathematics graduate programs in Indonesia and is the largest in terms of student enrollment and program diversity. Highly qualified academic staff with prestigious educational backgrounds from top universities both domestically and internationally support the program. These faculty members have an excellent academic track record in conducting research across various fields of mathematics, including algebra, analysis, graph theory, combinatorial mathematics, dynamic systems, population dynamics, mathematical hydrodynamics, actuarial financial mathematics, optimization, control theory, statistics, and probability theory.

The research conducted within the program contributes to the development of mathematical theory while promoting the practical application of mathematics in science and engineering. Consequently, real-world mathematical problems enrich the graduate program. The program has established long-term collaborations with industries, such as the research consortiums OPPINET (Optimization  on Oil and Gas Pipeline Network) and  FinanMOS (Financial Modeling, Optimization, and Simulation). It has also partnered with PT. Astra Agro Lestari to research early warning  systems for oil palm plantations, PT. Komatsu  Indonesia in strengthening Total Quality  Management, and PT. Chevron for pipeline related research. 

In the Master's Program in Mathematics at ITB, each student, with the guidance of their academic advisor, designs a study plan based on their interests and the ongoing research in the following research groups: algebra, analysis, and geometry research;  combinatorial mathematics; industrial and  financial mathematics; and statistics. Additionally, there are opportunities for  multidisciplinary studies, both within other  research divisions at ITB and in collaboration of the following research topics: algebra, analysis, and geometry; combinatorial mathematics; industrial and  financial mathematics; and statistics. 

The Master's Program in Mathematics has been accredited with an "A" rating by BAN-PT (the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education), indicating that it meets the quality standards established by the accreditation body.

Career Prospects 
With these strengths, graduates of the  Master's Program in Mathematics have  promising career prospects in various fields, including mathematics research, teaching or academia, data analysis, finance expertise, consulting, and other roles that require a profound understanding of applied and theoretical mathematics.

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