The Master's Program in Astronomy was established on 23 February 1998 and awarded superior accreditation by the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (NAAHE/BAN-PT). 

Research Topics
The Master's Program in Astronomy offers an advanced education program for graduates of bachelor's degrees in astronomy, physics, mathematics, and other sciences and graduates in other supporting fields (i.e., archaeology, journalism, law, etc.). The Master's Program in Astronomy is divided into two field orientations: Advanced Astrophysics and Astronomical Development and Education.

In Advanced Astrophysics, the learning process continues the undergraduate program, i.e., studying advanced astrophysics courses with a career orientation as a researcher or scientist.
In Astronomy Development and Education, the learning process aims to explore and develop a support system for future astronomical development in Indonesia and study its impact on society.

The objective of the Master's Program in Astronomy is to ensure that graduates can have the following profiles:
  1. Graduates who play an active and successful role in the work they hold by leveraging the knowledge, thinking, skills, and attitudes acquired during the study of astronomy.
  2. Admissible graduates pursue further education in astronomy or other fields related to astronomy and are able to complete them well.
  3. Graduates who demonstrate pioneering and leadership in improvement efforts in their community environment.
  4. Graduates who can contribute in groups that carry out original research.

Career Prospects
Graduates of the Master's Program in Astronomy gain worthy recognition among universities in Indonesia and abroad, holding their admission to carry out further studies at internationally renowned universities. The academic performance of graduates during doctoral studies is highly valued. Some graduates of the Master's Program in Astronomy are accepted to work in research institutions, become college lecturers, teachers in global-oriented high schools, and science communicators in the leading media. They are generally trusted to prepare and manage top-notch programs in the place where they work.

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