The Master of Chemistry Teaching Study Program of FMIPA ITB was established in 2006 as a response and concern of FMIPA ITB to the competence of chemistry teachers, especially general chemistry teachers, and lecturers in various universities in Indonesia. This is in accordance with the study of the development of science, the demands of community needs, and the dignity of education in ITB (ITB Senate Decree No. 023/SKK01-SA/2002). This study program received accreditation from BAN-PT in 2017 (BAN-PT Decree No. 0946/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/III/2017).

Career Prospects
The Master of Chemistry, Teaching Study Program, is a master's level education provider for chemistry teachers and lecturers who already have a bachelor's degree by providing programs to improve mastery of chemical science concepts and enrichment of chemistry learning methodologies so that these teachers and lecturers can have professional chemistry teaching competencies as stated in Law Number 14 of 2005 concerning Teachers and Lecturers. 

Graduates of this program are expected to actively follow the latest developments in the field of Chemistry science.The vision of this study program is to become a master of chemistry teaching education provider that excels in the science and application of chemistry in an integrated manner based on the latest scientific developments so that it can be at the forefront of improving the quality of chemistry teaching and contributing to the welfare of the nation.

Research Topics
Graduates of the Master of Chemistry Teaching Study Program have received provisions to become general chemistry teachers so that they are able to develop creative, engaging, and effective chemistry teaching techniques. In addition, graduates of this program are able to develop experimental methods and chemical research related to chemistry teaching materials. The curriculum of the Master of Chemistry, Teaching Study Program, is designed to sharpen the understanding of essential chemical concepts, including stoichiometry, atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding, reaction equilibrium, kinetics, thermodynamics, core chemistry, elemental chemistry, polymers, organic compounds, and biochemistry. The program lasts four semesters and includes at least 36 credits, consisting of 27 credits for compulsory courses, seven for directed elective courses, and two for free elective courses.

Several teachers who graduated from this program have achieved various achievements, including achievements as exemplary teachers and becoming coaches for students who participated in various science competitions in Chemistry, namely the OSN (Olimpiade Sains Nasional) and the KSM (Kompetisi Sains Madrasah).

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