The aim of the Master Program in Actuarial Science at ITB is to enhance participants' understanding of actuarial mathematics and mathematical finance. ITB is the only university in Indonesia that produces graduates in actuarial science.

This program integrates business skills and mathematical analysis capabilities into the process of solving emerging problems in the finance field. Therefore, we expect graduates of this program to not only master actuarial mathematics but also to gain familiarity with other disciplines where mathematics is applied and to possess the ability to utilize tools such as computer technology and software.The Master Program in Actuarial Science at ITB offers participants valuable opportunities to engage with experts within the ITB environment during their research. These opportunities not only facilitate collaboration between program graduates and experts in other fields but also empower them to address progressively intricate problems that demand effective teamwork collectively.

Graduates of the Master Program in Actuarial Science are expected to possess the following competencies comprehensive mastery in one area of actuarial mathematics study; the ability to identify, formulate, and solve problems in actuarial mathematics or its application; the ability to collaborate both within their area of expertise and across disciplines; an instinct for the development or application of actuarial mathematics and a readiness to face new challenges; and a willingness to stay updated with the latest products in actuarial mathematics.

On April 15, 2008, an MOU was signed between ITB and PAI (Persatuan Aktuaris Indonesia/The Society of Actuaries of Indonesia) aimed at improving the quality of human resources in the actuarial field by international actuarial profession standards to meet the urgent need for Assistant Actuaries (Associate Actuaries) in the insurance industry, pension funds, and other related industries in Indonesia. As part of this agreement, the Master Program in Actuarial Science at ITB recognizes several courses that align with the international professional actuarial curriculum standards set by PAI as fulfilling the requirements for obtaining the professional degree of Adjunct Actuaries of Indonesia.The Master Program in Actuarial Science at ITB also holds an Excellent accreditation from LAMSAMA, indicating that the program meets the quality standards set by the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education. This accreditation highlights the program's excellence in producing competent and high-quality graduates.

Career Prospects
Graduates of the Master's Program in Actuarial Science have broad career prospects. They can work as actuaries in insurance companies, financial institutions, pension funds, or other sectors. Additionally, they have opportunities to pursue careers as financial consultants, risk managers, or researchers in actuarial science. Their expertise in actuarial mathematics will be a valuable asset in tackling complex challenges in the financial world. 

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