Master's Program in Instrumentation and Control

General Information

The world of industry today is characterized by the fact that it is rapidly changing. On-time productions, high quality, safety in operation as well as optimization in production are factors which are fully considered by the industries. One of the determining factors to fulfill the above criteria is the utilization of proper and efficient instrumentation and control systems. A new innovation to produce modern products can be realized if the industry is supported by reliable instrumentation and control systems. Further, the development of industries in all fields today is heavily affected by the role of automation concepts, which are supported by advanced instruments as well as various control techniques, either conventional or advanced.

Through its designed curriculum and research, this program has the objective to produce graduates with a Master's in engineering which are capable of utilizing and developing the science and technology in instrumentation and professional control, for the purpose of education, research and its application in the industry.

Using the obtained competence and experience, a graduate with a Master's in engineering instrumentation and control is a requirement by many sectors of the industry, strategic industry (such as process and chemical, aeronautics, telecommunication, ship-building, steel, electronics and military industries), medical instrumentation industry, consultation bureau, construction services, universities, and research institutions. Furthermore, a graduate is expected to apply his/her knowledge to carry out or to take up a research project, to solve any instrumentation or control related problems in various needs of society. Since its establishment in 1991, many graduates have received jobs at government institutions, private and industrial sectors as well as research institutions and universities.