General Information

The Master of Logistics (MLog) program is one of 52 postgraduate programs at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). The trend of global industrial development shows that the logistics sector plays a vital role in the supply chain of a company. In order to increase competitiveness, maintain business existence and growth, logistic engineers are needed. Also, the growth of the logistics sector in Indonesia has not been matched by adequate professional human resources. This study program is the development of Industrial Engineering and aims to answer the needs of the logistics industry and business in Indonesia. Graduates of the Master of Logistics are expected to have the ability to solve and provide solutions to problems, design, analyze, implement and improve logistics systems and the ability to carry out managerial functions in coordinating the resources needed in the logistics system including its smoothness and efficiency. This study program is not only needed by the business community and logistics service industry but is also needed by the government primarily as a regulator. There are 36 credits and eight matriculation credits which are carried out within four semesters. Also, there is four concentration of expertise, namely:

  • Management Logistics
  • Logistics Engineering
  • Maritime Logistics
  • Procurement Systems

This program has collaborated with several universities in the Netherlands such as TU Eindhoven, Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft, and STC. Besides, this program collaborates with several BUMN (state-owned enterprises) and national companies in the logistics sector.