General Information

Master's program in Engineering Physics is a program which focuses on the development of sciences and technologies. This program is designed to give the students the understanding of conceptual design of a system (identification, formulation, analysis synthesis, evaluation, modeling and design), and to conduct research independently based on scientific methodology. This study program offers four different field concentrations, namely:

  1. Industrial process automation
    This program is an automation system hierarchy which includes information system flow in industrial automation at plan/field level, process automation level as well as at business and management level.
  2. Building physics and acoustics
    This program is related to the building environment, which includes acoustic, thermal study of buildings, lighting, and energy conservation in buildings, etc.
  3. Lighting design
    This program studies lighting design in a building's interior and exterior.
  4. Computation and material process
    This program is to provide advanced knowledge to students about material types, material process and analysis, material simulation and computation, and new functional materials.