The First Week of TPB ITB on the Academic Year 2023/2024 Successfully Conducted in a Conducive Manner

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BANDUNG, – Common Preparatory Program (TPB) is one of the educational programs that newly-admitted undergraduate students must complete at Institut Teknologi Bandung in order to develop students’ attitudes to science, art, and technology.

Additionally, TPB serves as a step towards balancing the base knowledge of new undergraduate students at ITB, who came from various high schools across Indonesia. TPB also equips each student with essential knowledge and skills to better prepare them when entering the majors that they are interested in.

TPB for new undergraduate students is taking place at the ITB Jatinangor Campus. The head of TPB ITB, Dr. Tedy Setiawan, stated that the execution of TPB, which began on Monday (21/08/2023) is going well and in a conducive manner.

“The atmosphere in TPB classes for the academic year 2023/2024 has been good. Students have shown great enthusiasm in attending their first classes. The lecturers also contributed very well,” He affirmed.

This year, ITB has admitted over 5,669 new students, with 4,651 of them being undergraduate students participating in the TPB program for the academic year 2023/2024.

Dr. Tedy mentioned that TPB this year has undergone several new changes, including methods, contents, and a few things that align with the latest technological developments.

“For example, there are collaborative classes such as Design Planning, Scientific Writing, English, and Introduction to Computing which introduces artificial intelligence (AI) from the beginning,” he added.

He hoped that with TPB, new undergraduate students can acquire a strong foundation before entering their chosen majors as well as become more familiar with campus life and the process of adapting to campus culture.

TPB acts as a process of emotional and behavioral maturation for students and also a means to cultivate their sense of responsibility. Therefore, Dr. Tedy would like to send his regards to the new undergraduate students currently undergoing TPB.

“Keep up the spirit, do not give up on achieving your dreams. If there is a problem, please contact and discuss it with your academic counselor” he concluded.

Reporter: Anggun Nindita

Translator: Sherina Wijaya

Editor: Kezia Hosana

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