Support Anti-Corruption in Indonesia: ITB Participated in Festival Anti Korupsi

Oleh Mega Liani Putri

Editor -

BANDUNG, - It is undeniable that the corruption is the latent issue in Indonesia. Many people corrupt in whether mindfully or not. The corruption is needed to be banned for the good and clean government. Based on the data, about 80% of corruption was done by the alumni of higher education. This should be an issue to be evaluated for the stakeholders of higher education in Indonesia. ITB as one of the institutes holds responsibility to prevent the act of corruption done by its alumni. ITB then has purpose to educate the students to be a professional who against corruption. Because of that, ITB definitely participated in the fest of action against corruption "Festival Anti Korupsi" held by KPK in Sasana Budaya Gaesha ITB on Thursday to Friday (10-11/10/15).

Festival Anti Korupsi was attended by three main stakeholders: government, businessmen, and academician from higher education institutes. The fest before was held in Jakarta (2013) and Yogyakarta (2014). The purpose of the fest is for socialization about the efforts to prevent corruption. In this event, the elements gather to present their efforts to prevent and to overcome the corruption.

In the manifestation of efforts to shape "corruption-clean" generation, ITB holds a class to fight against corruption. The class is named Pendidikan Anti Korupsi-Anti-Corruption initiated by Prof. Djoko Santoso as the rector of ITB in 2009. The class is open every semester and there are ten lecturers from various background. Prof. Dr. Suryadi Siregar (Lecturer in Astronomy) is the coordinator. The lecturers have attended training for trainer held by KPK.

There are about 200 students who attend this class. The class consists of six meetings, including lectures, discussions, and presentations. The lectures are about the definition of corruption, corruptive action, the principles of anti-corruption, and the development of anti-corruption values. Then, the students get tasks about the effort against corruption by developing technology. Besides the class, the lecturers of ITB also involve in preventing and overcoming corruption in Indonesia. The final tasks done by the students and pieces by lecturers were displayed in the fest. There was also a booth to explain to the people about corruption, how to prevent it, discussion, and some entertainment.

Dr. Romie O. Bura (Lecturer in Aeronautics) as the vice coordinator of Anti-Corruption class said, "The intellectual ability must be supported by character and integrity. The ability and professionalism are nothing without character." In his opinion, the perception of Indonesians about corruption is getting worse, proved by the tolerance to corruptive acts. We must against it by learning the law which against corruption, he said. ITB really support the effort to fight against corruption, proved by transparency in the financial management. Dr. Romie hoped that ITB students not only become the masters of their studies, but also have high integrity.

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