Studium Generale: Students' Role in Corruption Prevention

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BANDUNG, - Without question, corruption is one of the biggest adversaries of any countries in the world. Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) recently held a study that says that in 2010, financial loss due to corruption is as high as Rp. 3,6 trliion.

"University campuses are the most pivotal places to prevent future corruptions," said the Head of Corruption Eradication Commission Dr. M. Busyro Muqoddas in his speech in the Studium Generale class last March. According to Busyro, students are known to be some of the most idealist parts of the people. The corruption plaque is a challenge for students to bring their idealism into reality.

Ironically, Busyro stated that the main actors of corruption are university graduates.

"The awareness must start from universities. Any processes of programs of corruption prevention must involve, and start from, youths."

Busyro said that KPK needs full participation from NGOs and the people, not exceptionally students.

KPK Disbanded?

An intriguing question was thrown in by one of the students during the question and answer session, "When will KPK be disbanded?" The unique question caught the attention of everyone in the room.

Then, one of the class participants which is also a member of ITB's Internal Auditing Unit, expresses his opinion on the question. He said that the commission will be disbanded once corruption is fully eradicated; drawing a nod from Busyro as well.

Anti-Corruption Education Subject

Since 2009, ITB has held a subject concerning anti-corruption awareness; the Anti-Corruption Education class.

"Eradicating corruption is extremely tricky and difficult. It's much easier once the character of the students are built to control themselves since early on," expressed Rector Akhmaloka when opening the lecture.

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