KPK Vice Chairman Delivered Anti-Corruption Public Lecture in ITB

Oleh Fatimah Larassati

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BANDUNG, - Anti-Corruption Education (PAK) is one of the special courses in ITB delivered by certified instructors from Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). Interestingly, at the end of this semester's lecturing agenda, the course conducted a special lecture presented by a national figure. Taken place in ITB West Hall on Tuesday (19/04/16), in front of hundreds of students from various majors, Thony Saut Situmorang as the vice chairman of KPK elaborated his ideas to enlighten students regarding provisions to become an anti-corruption individual in the future.

KPK as a Cure

To eradicate corruption, Indonesia commonly uses an "imprisoning criminal" system in the event that an existence of corruption and financial loss can be proven. For years, KPK helps supporting the system by successfully delivering more than 500 convicted people to custody. However, even though such system is sufficient at the moment, but what actually is the action that could be organized to make our country completely clear from any form of corruption in the future?

The solution, according to Saut, is through character education. There are thousands of reasons regarding why people conduct corruption in this country. Therefore, there certainly are as much aspects that should be analyzed and eradicated in each institution. Facing this wide range of possibilities and opportunities, corruption can occur in even the most cramped spaces and the only thing that can keep a man from doing so is only his character and integrity.

Small things can lead to a great creation, but those small things can also undermine a person towards destruction. Which is why, a strong character implantation is needed so that integrity can deeply root in oneself. "KPK is not the only solution for this country. KPK may be a cure. However, the best way is still by preventing it through character and integrity building," Saut explained. Disorganized bureaucratic system is very commonly seen in this country. "Mention one thing that has not been regulated by the state, nothing," Saut said. In fact, every single thing has already been regulated, but the execution consistency urgently needs further improvement. Inconsistencies in these various sectors are one of the major causes of large corruption numbers in the country.

Nowadays, KPK is increasing surveillance towards private sectors and corruption possibilities from trading influence. Saut also hoped that the media could cooperate as well to spread the good news regarding anti-corruption development in Indonesia. "Do not be attracted to case-related news only," he added.

Anti-Corruption Education, Civilization-Modifying Course

By looking at the growing number of corruption act committed and loss inflicted on the country, the role of educational institutions to eradicate and prevent of corruption is a very important thing. ITB as one of the higher educational institutions in Indonesia is obliged to become a corruption eradication agent in the preventive scope. ITB had opened the Anti-Corruption Education course which now entered the eighth year, in the hope to produce anti-corruption graduates.

This subject discussed all knowledge about corruption such as its definitions, history, causing factors, perspective from all aspects, controlling factors, corruption eradication models in other countries, and the role of each stakeholder in corruption eradication efforts. At the end of the semester, students will design a prototype concept or design which can be used to eradicate corruption in accordance with their own major.


Translated by

ITB Journalist Apprentice 2016

Muhammad Arief A. (School of Life Sciences and Technology 2015)

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