BPKP Explained Students' Role in Indonesia's Coruption Eradication

Oleh Medhira Handinidevi

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - Wednesday (25/09/13) the Student Council (Lembaga Kemahasiswaan) of ITB held a Studium Generale that invited Financial and Development Surveillance Board (Badan Pengawasan Keuangan dan Pembangunan, BPKP) of West Java Province. This lecture that was performed by Head of Investigastion Department, Drs. Ganis Diarsyah.MM,was attended by students from Studium Generale class and Anti-Corruption class. That day, in East Hall ITB, students was brighten by a new knowledge from the theme "BPKP's role in Indonesia's Corruption Reduction."
BPKP is an institution that's directly reporting to the president of our republic. This institution had the role as an internal auditor from governments beareau. Therefore it has a completely different jobs from BPK (Board of Financial Auditor) who is reporting to the House of Representatives. BPKP has bigger scope of works, that includes controlling, planning, and surveillance.

In the beginning of his speech, Ganis explained that according to Jack Bologna, corruption happened because of four reasons, Greed, Opportunity, Need, and Exposure. Those four factors were the main problems of Indoenesia and that what makes us having a little declined in the ranks of Corruption Perception Index. Nowadays, all the governments institution that related to Corruption eradication were focused to give a full effort in corruption prevention.

Although there are more than one institution that try to prevent corruption, college students also have the role to help prevent corruption. There are four ways to help prevent corruption. First, students can do a deep discussion and constructive input about public policy made by legislative and executive body in Indonesia. Second, students can help to control the governance and the financial distribution inside the campus. Also, students can also initiate a scientific research on a new system for a more reliable financial governance in Indonesia. And the last its, students can have a role to push the government to develop a cleaner nations.

If students as the future leader had realised and understand the danger of corruption, we can see a brighter future for Indonesia.

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