Kidang Pananjung Dormitory

Kidang Pananjung Dormitory is an ITB student dormitory specifically for male TPB students. This dormitory is located on Jl. Cisitu Lama VIII No. 12, Kel. Dago, Kec. Coblong, Bandung City. Kidang Pananjung Dormitory has 6 buildings. Building A is used as an office and the other 5 buildings (Building B, C, D, E, F) are intended for the students. This dormitory has 74 rooms with its each room has an area of 6 x 6 m2. The facilities provided in the room consist of 3 beds, 3 wardrobes, 3 study desks and chairs and 3 bookshelves. Facilities outside the room are bathroom, car and motorcycle parking.

Sangkuriang Dormitory

Sangkuriang Dormitory is intended for ITB students. This dormitory is located on Jl. Sangkuriang No.60 / 160A, Dago, Coblong, Bandung City, West Java 40135. It is divided into 2 buildings, namely old buildings and new buildings. The old building consists of 2 buildings, namely Building A for male TPB students and Building B for TPB Female students, while the new building consists of 2 buildings as well, namely Building C for male TPB students and Building D for female TPB students. Old buildings (A and B) each have 48 rooms (5 floors), while new buildings (C and D) each have 70 rooms. Each room is filled by 2 students with 2 bathroom facilities, 1 kitchen, 1 wardrobe, 2 study desks, 2 study chairs, 2 spring beds and clothes line. The activities carried out are tutorials, discussions and many other interesting activities.

Kanayakan Dormitory

Kanayakan Dormitory is a special dormitory for ITB students which is primarily intended for female students who receive BIDIKMISI scholarships. This dormitory is located on Jl. Kanayakan Bawah No. 61, Bandung City. Kanayakan Dormitory consists of 2 buildings, namely a new building (4 floors) and an old building (3 floors). Each room is filled by 2-3 female students. This old building has 34 rooms while the new building has 35 rooms. Facilities provided are beds, study desks, chairs and wardrobe.

International Student Dormitory

International Dormitory is a student dormitory that’s intended for foreign students. This dormitory is located on Jl. Sangkuriang No. 27, Kel. Dago, Coblong District, Bandung City. The international dormitory has 23 rooms, generally with a capacity of 2 people per room, but there are 2 rooms that have a capacity of 1 person. These 23 rooms are spread over 2 floors, the 1st floor contains 11 rooms and the 2nd floor contains 12 rooms. The facilities in each room are generally the same, which consists of: study desks, chairs, beds, dispensers, cabinets, shoe racks, parking for cars and motorbikes, and others.

Jatinangor Dormitory

Jatinangor Dormitory is the newest ITB student dormitory that began to be used in August 2012. In contrast to other ITB dormitories located in Bandung City and outside the ITB campus, this building is located within the ITB - Jatinangor Campus on Jl. Let. Jen. Pun. Dr. (HC). Mashudi No. 1 / Jl. Raya Jatinangor Km 20,75 Sumedang, West Java - Indonesia. This dormitory consists of 4 buildings and consists of 5 floors. The second floor to the fifth floor on each floor consists of 23 rooms and 1 shared room. TB1 & TB2 have each bathroom and pantry. Each room of the building is provided with 2 beds, 2 cabinets, 2 study desks and 2 chairs and intended for 2 students (occupants). The rooms in TB3 & TB4 have bathroom facilities and are provided with 3 beds, 3 cabinets, 3 study tables and 3 chairs for 3 students. The shared space of each building on the second to fifth floors each has a stove, refrigerator, table and chairs, wall cabinets, toilets and pantry facilities. The outdoor facilities contained in the dormitory includes the mosque, KKP ITB, KOKESMA ITB, public toilets, a tennis table, and an open space for the students to study and have fun.