Sports Center

Address: Jl. Tamansari No 73 Lb. Siliwangi, Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat
Telephone: +622 2511 540
Operational hours: 07:30 – 16:30 (Monday – Sunday)

Swimming Pool

Excercising is one of the most beneficial activities for human as it is not only to maintain health but also to meet new friends and colleagues. ITB has a sport center to serve those purposes; Ganesha Sport Facility or commonly known as “Saraga” (Sarana Olahraga Ganesha). Saraga is located in the northern part of ITB campus, surrounded by trees and a forest walk track, making the area cool and comfortable that enables visitors to enjoy the activities to the fullest. The facility includes: athletic track, soccer field, futsal court, swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, and fitness center. Saraga is also the center for some student activity units sucj as Nautical Diving Unit, Pasopati Archery Unit, Swimming ; Water Polo Units, etc. On weekends, Saraga has high attendance number, coming from both the ITB communities or public to jog, gym, swim, or simply spend time with friends and family.

Saraga Fitness Center

Saraga Fitness Center is located within Saraga complex. The facilities include treadmill, static bike, bench press, aerofit, double twisting, etc. It is open everyday for both ITB students and the public. This fitness center can be visited with a one-day pass or a monthly membership program. Membership program can be purchased by paying registration fee for the first month and a monthly fee.

Athletic Track

Saraga’s Athletic Track is an outdoor facility designed for jogging and running purposes. It consists of 8 red-clay tracks with 4 for sprinting and 4 for jogging purposes. The track is located surrounding the soccer field within Saraga complex.

Soccer Field

Saraga’s Soccer Field is an international standard-sized soccer field in the middle of Saraga’s athletic track. It has a size of 110 m x 75 m.

Futsal Field

Saraga’s Futsal Field is a 40m x 20m field located in the Saraga complex. There are three outdoor fields available to rent, which are the A, B and C field.

Basketball, Volley, Tennis Field

All of those fields are within the Saraga complex. The basketball and volley field are the same field, but the net can be installed when needed to transform the basketball field for volley uses.