Faculty of Art and Design

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General Information and History

Faculty Arts and Desain ITB ( FSRD-ITB) opened in the year 1984, after experiencing of long growth history since 1 August year 1947 as Hall Education of University Teacher Draw under Faculty Science Technique University Indonesia in Bandung. In the year 1956 with part of architecture joined to become Part of Architecture and Visual Arts. Part of Visual Arts divided to become two study area that is Education of Visual Arts and Art Paint. In the year 1959 Architecture and Shares Arts change name become Department Planning and Visual Arts at the same time borned Institut Teknologi Bandung. Part of Visual Arts divided to become Education of Arts, Artistic of Paint and Art Interior.

In next growth,study area at part of Arts increase again become Ceramic Artistic study area ( year 1963), Artistic and Graphical Artistic study area ( year 1964). Along with dynamics that happened in ITB in the year 1964 study area Education of Arts have change name become Communications Arts study area. In the year 1965 Artistic study area of Interior turn into Architecture Interior study area.

In the year 1973 together with Department Civil, Architecture, Planologi, Healthy Technique and Geodesy grouped in Faculty Of Civil Engineering and Planning. Part of Arts change name become Department Arts including Artistic study area of Paint, Ceramic Artistic, Art Idol, Graphical Artistic, Desain Interior ( change from Architecture Interior), Industrial Desain Product, Graphical Desain and Desain Textile.

Year 1980 the naming of department turned into majors. Majors Arts divided to become two part of that is Visual Arts and Desain. Majors arts and desain fast growth because demand requirement of society, hence in the year 1984 Majors fine arts improved to become separate faculty by the name of Faculty Arts and Desain including three majors, that is :

- Pure Majors Arts
- Majors Desain
- Majors MKDU. This majors in the year 1999 turning into Majors Sosiotechnology. With its position this FSRD ITB represent faculty which managing aspect fine art area, humaniora and desain.