Center of Excellence on Broadband Wireless Access

The Microelectronics Center is a research center under ITB and Vice Rector of Research, Innovation and Partnerships, coordinated by the Research Institute of ITB, since 1997. This reflects ITB’s new emphasis on research activities in the field of microelectronics, which supports education as well as public and industrial services. The Microelectronics Center aspires to take a leading role in microelectronics research and development to serve the national interest. The Microelectronics Center focuses on the development of technology, products and electronics industries in Indonesia. It is a center of excellence in Indonesia, approved by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. The Microelectronics Center was founded in 1986 by Prof. Dr. Samaun Samadikun. MEC focus the effort to establish industrial ecosystem in Indonesia. Our lap map the value chain of electronics industry. We cooperate with industry to add added value in every value chain.