Undergraduate Program in Water Resources Engineering and Management

Water Resources Management is the process of planning, developing, and managing water resources, including water conservation, utilization, and mitigation of water-related hazards.

Research Topic
An undergraduate program focused in water resources engineering and management is one of the efforts to provide human capital with strong basic science and engineering knowledge to address the local, regional, and global water resources challenges. 

The Undergraduate Program of Water Resources Engineering and Management has been accredited “unggul” (superior) by the Higher Education National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT) since 2021.

Educational Objectives of the Undergraduate Program of Water Resources Engineering and Management Engineering based on 2019’s curriculum consist of:

  1. Produce graduates who are responsible, creative, and have good leadership and teamwork skills.
  2. Produce a Bachelor of Engineering with basic knowledge and competency in research, water resources utilization, and water management.
  3. Produce professionals in water resources who adapt to global and local challenges.
  4. Produce independent, disciplined, empathetic human resources and actively participate in solving water resources problems.

Career Prospect
Prospects of the Water Resources Engineering and Management graduates include vacancies in the water resources field in planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of water resources infrastructure, both in the governmental institution or private company.

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